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Exhibitions and Events

The most important exhibitions and events:


14 April 2015 – 30 April 2015Exhibition  “Felted Art” in “Balcony Space”

June 2014 – publication of the article   “Arts and viewers” in “Museum” magazine (ISSN: 2074-9589, № 6, 2014, Moscow, Russia). Article “Arts and viewers” in “Museum” magazine.
Web Site of “Museum” magazine.

April 2014 – publication of the article   “INFLUENCE OF THE АRT OBJECTS ON AN EMOTIONAL CONDITION OF THE SPECTATOR” in “Psychophysiology News” magazine (ISSN: 2227-6157, №1, 2014, Saint-Petersburg, Russia). The article about results of the research of the project “Spectrum of meaning of life”.

September 22 2013 – February 2014 – the processing of the results of research  “Impact of Art Objects on Emotional State of spectator”.

September 7 – September 22 2013- Exhibition with research “Impact of Art Objects on Emotional State of spectator” (Art Objects created at Spark Box residency) in Vladimir Mayakovski Central State Library (Saint-Petersburg).

June 2013 – Art Residency Spark Box Studio in Canada for making project “Spectrum of Meaning of Life”.

April 2013 – including in “From Russia with Love” collection from Rebecca Wilson –

22d February – 1st March 2013 – Grotesque paintings and drawings competition “Baraonda-13”, finalist, final exhibition.

1st June – 3d June 2012 – The competition of young art «TERMIN» final exhibition in The Central House of Artists (Moscow, Krymsky Val, 10).

21st March – 17th April 2011 – “MIMotion” personal exhibition in the “Culture and Reading Park “Bukvoed” (St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt, 46).

17th February – 19th March 2011 – “Code Of Art Is Color” personal exhibition in memorial museum-apartment of Nikolay Nekrasov (St.Petersburg, Liteyny prospekt, 36).

2009 – “Without Names” Independent Art exhibition in Saint-Petersburg Planetarium.

2008 – “Death in Art” exhibition in Moscow Central Exhibition Hall.

2006 – “New Names” exhibition in Nonconformist Art Museum “Pushkinskaya 10” (Saint-Petersburg).

2005 – Personal exhibition within “Young Creativity” Project in Vladimir Mayakovski Central State Library (Saint-Petersburg). organized by Public Youth Organization “Alba” The Club of Creativity People”.