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Project “The Spectrum of the Meaning of Life”.

Posted on Apr 7, 2014

The whole translation of text of the article about this project and research will be published here soon. Now you can see only photos of art objects and brief description 🙂

Art Objects Created in Various Techniques and a Research of the Influence of the Art Objects on the Mood of the Spectator.

“The Spectrum of the Meaning of Life” project was started in June 2013 within the Spark Box Studio Artist Residency Program in Canada.
Each art object was created with intuitive understanding of the images striving for life. This approach is based on logotherapy developed by V. Frankl. Logotherapy is healing through the search for the meaning of life. Although, logotherapy appeals not to an abstract philosophical concept of the “meaning of life”, but to a potential meaning which exists in life from one moment to another one, and to the specific meaning of the life of a concrete person in a given moment. Also, I used the theory of color, according to which every basic color affects a person psychically and physiologically.
The purpose of the research was to verify whether every art object actually affects the mood of its spectator in the way it was designed to.

The main goals of the research were the following:

1. to ascertain whether art objects affect the emotional state of the man;
2. to find out if the influence of the art objects is more positive or negative;
3. to identify the aspects of the major influence of each of the objects.

To research the influence of art objects on the mood of the spectator I used the method called “SAN” [FAM – “Feeling, Activity, Mood”] (The method of diagnosis of how a person feels, his activity and mood). Each spectator was asked to fill in the survey before looking at a particular art object and then again 5-15 minutes after looking at it – each of the two times on a different side of the page. This allowed to estimate the difference between the scales and the mean score on the scales before and after the exposition. Using these data, it is possible to estimate the influence of art objects on the way a person feels and on his physical and mental state and also to identify which scales register the most influence.

The art objects were created in various techniques: monotypy on silk, handmade serigraphy, nuno felting. The choice of these techniques was caused by the intention to distract the spectator from the meaning and the color and thus to evade triggering his rational stereotypes.

For more information about the project, please refer to the book “Iskusstvo i zritel” [“The Art and the Spectator”] (ISBN 978-3-659-56126-9)

And here you can see how research was held:

P.S.: Residence Spark Box Studio is a wonderful place for creativity and communication. Here I’ve met new friends and a great, positive experience. Would recommend this place as inspiring and awesome. Thanks Chrissy and Kyle for the warm welcome, a few notes on the site and a review of my work:

My little keepsake for Spark Box:

Thanks huge, Kim (a wonderful artist), for the moved to tears feedback, help in translating articles into English and a gift – a very interesting and beautiful work took honorable place at my home: