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“Without Names”

Posted on Jul 20, 2013

The exhibition of independent art “Untitled” was hosted by the St. Petersburg Planetarium from 1 to 30 November. I took part in this exhibition, and also helped to create the idea of ​​interactivity of the show, which I still like very much. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the opening, so I can not talk about the exhibition using my own experience, but here is some excerptions from the press:

“An exhibition of independent artists,”Untitled” opened on 1st November 2009 in St. Petersburg Planetarium. Curators proposed to the viewers to create names for the works of artists. Actually, this interactivity, has attracted  the most active part of the public … and even if not everything turned out as planned (which is difficult to judge from the side), it is generally confident that all who came to the opening, as well as any other day of the show, had very bright and positive experience…”

– the journalist Anastasia Melnikova .

“For the time being specialized education is a mandatory attribute of the artist, the curator of non-professional artists associations IntroTerra Anna Nikitina, organizing the exhibition “Untitled” at the Planetarium, has decided to hide behind the notion of art brut. Besides that artists curated by Nikitina are not crazy. And they are not all non-professionals: half of them with a design education, and some have exhibitions in not bad galleries… “

– Journalist Konstantin Agunovich, the magazine “Billboard”

“Petersburg and Moscow artists, the survivors of the cultural conventions of art, will present graphics, paintings, collages, close to the aesthetics of the spontaneous, not faceted art Art-Brut.

The exhibition is based on an interactive collaboration between author and audience by means not specified in the title of the work, planted the idea. Opening it for yourself in the unique context of the viewer, so he becomes involved in a work of art, and turned to his co-author.

The visitors are invited to fill out a questionnaire, using as guidance in the chaos of the exposition room of paintings, they are based on the experience gained, to give each work its title, or reflect on the encrypted message in it. “

– The official press release.

Here are the names that are offered by the audience for my works, as well as their thoughts ::)




– Fucking beautiful! The road to the fabulous city. Or return.

– Fall in Khibinogorsk

– Life in the sun. I’d like to get into this bright orang park, listen to the sound of surf, the feeling. That just alive picture: all stirs, moves and breathes …

– The Wanderer

– Monk

– The Plague (it leaves her dead city)

– Mirage on the beach. Prisoner of a ghost town.

– Inevitability

– The dark lord

– The road to yourself (and out of the city)

– The path to an anthill of city life

– At first glance, this is a very good picture. Of course I can not have enough imagination, but I do not see any sense. Maybe “Strayed traveler, who wanted once conquer the city has not heard or rejected. Unpleasant.

– Monk

– Fire in the city

– Biblical wanderings

– Hard Way. Empty city.

– In my opinion, the picture shows the appearance of a new person in our world. As we all come into this world – it is beautiful. And what he will become in the future, for whom, as in the actual sense, and in the soul, depends only on us. World turns into a pile of junk.


– Awesome!

– Gifted

– Gorgeous!

– Size is too big for this work

– Very nice! But the man in black strikes fear!

– Excellent!

– I like this picture. A lot of bright colors, and the city is sad. Silhouette of a woman completes the picture.




– Memories

– The Secret of the third planet

– “Behold the root”, meditative contemplation. Appeal to space, beyond the circle of the “I”. In search of self that is find themselves outside themselves.

– How to go home …

– Earth life

– At the end of the world (The Little Prince)

– Memories of the past.

– Atmosphere. Early morning. Planet Earth.

– Dream


– There is something mystery in the work.

– A tree in the foreground is too much! But in general – nice

– This picture does not like




– Madly in love. The Little Prince

– This is going to eat me now

– Do not throw oranges at me!

– Gumanoyd love

– I remember the film “The Fountain”

– Scarf

– Germinating oranges. Probably of the author herself, or what she would like to be. Feelings of emptiness – self-absorbed. It reminds smart children’s book – “The inverted tree.” As if there is 3 layers of reality. 1 – Top of the world, heaven, but inverted relative to the 2nd average – everyday the familiar world of reality. And the third of the shadow world, a world of reflections. Just inverted relative to the average, but in the opposite direction. Interesting mythology!

– Eve

– Winter Night

– Let your higher mind in the gardens of the Lord.

– Piero in oranges

– Ghoul

– An orange worm or Juicer

– Orange Paradise

– Bombing

– Winter is on its way

– Lady Bee


– In general, I can not understand what it is

– Polina!  This is going to eat me now, though. If not itself fall, hmm …

And here are some photos from the opening of the exhibition: