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Purrfectly Perfect

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

I know you’re out there, cat lovers. Those who love everything cat and kitten. And when we’re talking about trending fashion, the options available are endless.

We can find apparel from head to toe, from hats and earrings to socks and shoes and everything in between. And how appropriate is it to have cat pajamas when cats sleep 15-20 hours per day? Snuggle up in your cat pajamas with your cat! We can find cat fashions for every season. There are 100’s of different varieties to peak our interests. Just like cats, who have about 100 different sounds. Dogs on the other hand only make about 10 different sounds. Who knew? And talk about trending, cats are North America’s most popular pet! It’s no wonder the fashion industry has shown an interest in our fluffy, lovable friends.

So what’s hot? What’s trending? When you can’t take your fuzzy little friend with you, wear a pocket cat t-shirt! A pocket cat t-shirt comes in an endless variety of colors and styles. Is it summer? You may want a tank top. Is it winter? How about a long sleeve shirt? Or better yet, a hoodie! It’s your choice. Or don’t just choose one! Take your pocket cat with you wherever you go. Show your love for your furry friend.

So let’s all get out and show our love and pride in our favorite kitties. Next time you hit your closet wondering what to wear, grab your feline fashion and rock the boat. What better time than right meow!?

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