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Posted on Sep 14, 2013

My art work “Frida” (oil on canvas, 65*60 cm, 2004) was featured on the final exhibition of the International Competition for Young Art “TERMIN” in the Central House of Artists in Moscow from 1st to 5th June 2012. Than I’m very proud 🙂

From the press release of the project:

“There are galleries, exhibitions, curators and managers working with contemporary authors in Russia , in Moscow. But as a rule, in order to exhibit the artist always need a certain personal acquaintance or recommendation. We want to overcome this barrier and show how much standing of young people that the general public does not know almost nothing “, – says Alexey Artamonov, organizer.

TERMIN – a project created specifically for young authors of visual art. The creators of the project TERMIN want to be a support and a starting point for the unknown, but talented artists from over the world.

TERMIN does not set the frames and does not limit the authors to express themselves , but gives them an opportunity to present their view of the surrounding non-trivial. TERMIN does not seek to bring new challenges to the art of today, to influence people’s views, does not impose a dialogue. The project is separated from most fashionable clichés of our time, his goal is transparent – to show the author’s view.

Photo from openning of exhibition: