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Beautiful tree

Posted on Feb 22, 2016


I’ve simply drawn a beautiful tree. I remember at school, my teacher told me, how to draw a tree. He got the fairy tale about, and as it was in the first class, this story etched in my memory. The basic idea was to present and represent the whole process of the tree life, from germination to maturity. Teacher wisely kept silent about the decay and the death. So first you need to draw a land and a seed in it, then the germ would appear from the seed, then the germ is strengthened by continuing to branch out, then the trunk is appearing and so on. You can stay whenever you want. Thus one layer we had superimposed on another and get a very interesting result. But the main thing is that I was really involved in this interesting process, and I explored the world through creativity, and this is normal for child, I think.

As always you can download this tree in .eps format here.