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MIMotion. Exhibition.

Posted on Jul 25, 2013

My show “MIMotion” held at the “Culture and Reading Park “Bukvoed” in St. Petersburg from March 21 to April 17, 2011. I used the idea of project “Mimotion” in it. At an event called “Evening MIMotions” was presented mime performance “Man on Orange.” Mime was created by my art picture “Mimotion” and once participated in the exhibition (the first time was involved in a mime show “Code of painting – color”). In the role of mime performed Natalia Yalkova. I got a lot of good reviews from people on this show. The place which we chose for the exhibition is crowded. You can buy books in here, play board games or enjoy a cup of coffee… Some of the spectators touched the picture by hands, to see what they touch (none of the pictures was not affected by this action :)):

I touched it … with my eyes closed ….. it all seems different, but incredibly wonderful …

You can read a short article by arts critic Anna Maximova, who was very inspired by my work (according to the text):

Emotions … feeling … fears … controversy … Find your place in life … denial of the obvious … escape from himself … mental confusion … thin thread between good and evil, self-deception – all this fills our lives from day to day, from year to year. Each of us lives and the negative and positive aspects of the invaluable life experience … We love, rejoice, angry, hate, envy, fear, yearning, enjoy, saddened and disappointed … everything is so close, everything is so close … emotions … feeling … Their role in our life is diverse. But the most valuable thing in them, that they reflect the inner world of a man … It is thus a reflection of the work of the young artist Polina Kudelkina. Like a mirror of the human soul. Feelings as they are … without distortion, exaggeration and pathos. Here it is … look closely … Feel … and you will see that long tormented or encouraging, that hurt or helped to find themselves: fear, courage, sadness, joy, pain, freedom, resentment, forgiveness … The many facets of human feelings, emotions and attitudes displayed the artist in his work. Acceptance of yourself for who you really are. The inner world of human emotion through color and phantasmagoric images. Creativity by Kudelkina is a kind of catharsis, the release through painting. Kind of psychotherapeutic session… The viewer is given a unique opportunity to the knowledge of the world and himself through the work of the artist. The possibility of liberation of the soul from all the excess, preventing, and brings to our lives, and so full of unnecessary noise, unnecessary anxiety and worry. But the most important thing is that with all the psychological logic of creativity of the artist, her work is clearly present in the faith of the person, a better future, the triumph of virtue and bright sides of human souls. If we want to change the world, we must first start with ourselves. And the works of talented young artist help to make the first step in the hard work
… Nosce te ipsum …

That’s how it was (photo report, photo by Denis Churin):