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“Uncertainty of consciousness” collection of prints

Posted on Jul 26, 2017



In modern world of huge diverse flow of constantly improving and degrading information, the abstract shapes are especially relevant. It’s like the boiling mountain river where you can’t see anything concrete but fleeting images. Uncertainty caused by variability of external and inner worlds is perfectly fits into the appropriate symbolism. And this uncertain symbolism makes you stop, peer and think about.

The conditions of incomprehensibility, variability, randomness and duality are close to the modern man because they form the structure of his personality.
Just like the clouds hiding associative images, so this collection of prints bewitches and focuses the attention causing the variety of emotions. You can simply relax, defocus your eyes and/or think about the images you can see in rhythmical repetition of geometrical shapes.

“Uncertainty of consciousness” collection of prints shows to the viewers their individuality because everyone sees and feels in his own manner. Comparing our feelings we can make sure another time in diversity of forms of perception and, at the same time, in their commonality between people of different cultures.

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