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New prints: ar nouveau and baroque, geology and crystals

Posted on Apr 4, 2020



This print collection is based on the two key elements: baroque style with its typical elements, and color or, more precisely, a color combination that is not spontaneous in each print. Certainly, a highly important role in these images plays an unusual texture. As for the figurative component, it’s dynamic and sensual: on the first print, this is a girl image; on the second one that’s an angel; finally, the third image shows baroque style windows. Thus, although every print is the sole individual work, they’re simultaneously a series of images connected together by the unified style solution.

The represented series of prints, on the one hand, has a clear graphic drawing reminding about the kaleidoscope images and, at the same time, associates with the crystalline molecular lattice ordering which is proper for the solid substances such as stones, for example. On the other hand, random patterns and color transitions of every single element in each print remind about the minerals with their fancy play of colors and textures.

Here you can download 10 presentations with original prints and collections for textile, fabrics or wallpaper.


Black cat-inspired

Inspired by Tool music geometric print and Spring Flowers print

Urban Stories (Heimtextil Trends)

Uncertainty Of Consciousness

Emotional Cats

Kid’s train

Animal pop art portraits


Funny Dogs

Thank you all for attention to my work. I appreciate any feedback you may have.