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3d PO gallery is a virtual exhibition space for me and for everyone. You can watch art via internet using 3d panorama tour technology in the interesting imaginary places. The first creative place, created by me personally is the Round Spatial Gallery with beautiful stained-glass ceiling and modern doors without handles. I hope and wish that new spectacular places will be created in future for this project, as well as the current space will be made more accurate and naturalistically.

Art project “Mimotion” –  a number of exhibitions which includes art works, special music, the mime (like live sculpture) and also the mime”s dance. Art works, mimes, music and dance are connected to each other by subject, colors and emotions. Any visitor can interact with the mime to get whole understanding of my art.

Realization of the project “Spectrum of meaning of life” began on June 2013 in a residence for artists in Canada. Each art object was created with Color theory (according to which each color has a simple psychological and physiological effects on humans) and an intuitive understanding of images, aspiring to life. Logotherapy by Viktor Frankl lies at the heart of this approach. After making of the five art objects, I conducted research of their impact on the emotional state of the viewer. Method WAM (SAM) questionnaire (methodology and diagnosis of well-being assessment (state of health), activity and mood) was used for the research of the impact of art objects on the emotional state of the viewer. Viewer completed questionnaire before viewing certain art object and after 5-15 minutes of seeing the art object from two sides. Using this information, I could identify the scale of impact which is most significantly. In total, 144 interviews were made within the research. The article containing the results of research was accepted for publication in scientific journals “Journal of Psychophysiology” and «Museum».