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Work in Kerama Marazzi

Posted on Jan 8, 2018

I’m serving a term again, oops … I work in Kerama Marazzi in St. Petersburg. The work is hard 🙂 A lot of communication with people, and people are mostly dumb… oops, complex, well, or maybe I ussually have difficults with them. Paraphrasing a beloved colleague, my inner introvert cringes and suffers violence every day, turns the other tenth cheek and cries at night. However, in my personal tradition, I’ve published some draft tiles layouts, as its, judging by the statistics of the site, are interesting for audience, and I’m happy! 🙂 Visualization is not very realistic, but use the imagination since you found this page 🙂


Collection Kerama Marazzi Lignano (“Two Venices”)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Astoria (“Two Venices”)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Lignano и Whitehall (“Two Venices”, “English”)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Laurito (“Neapolitan”)


Collection Kerama Marazzi  Capri (“Neapolitan”)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Golden Waterfall (“Scandinavian”)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Color Wood (2018)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Color Wood (2018)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Brush Wood (2018)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Country Chic (2018)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Country Chic (2018)


Collection Kerama Marazzi Home Wood (2018)