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Start of my compaign on Indiegogo

Posted on Jul 25, 2015


I launch my compaign on Indiegogo to contribute funds for openning decor studio and for creation of modular felted rugs, which are beautifull and cross-functional.

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Here is Press Release:

Artist and Designer Polina Kudelkina Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Open Her Felting Studio.
Polina Kudelkina’s planned felting studio will deliver felted art modules to their art enthusiastic customers. Polina is looking to raise $7,777 via Indiegogo to start this felting studio.
24th July, 2015

Polina Kudelkina is an artist, designer, and decorator with extreme passion about the ancient craft of felting. She wants to open an independent felting studio that will help save and spread awareness about the art of felting.

Once the felting studio is created, there will be a workshop series and real-time online skype classes. By attending the workshop, art enthusiasts will receive beautiful and unusual felted carpet modules. Polina also hopes that her studio will provide the knowledge and inspiration to make people’s lives more interesting, colourful, cozy and beautiful.

In her studio, Polina will create clothing, home decor items, and different types of accessories. Very recently, she has created a series of modular rugs that can also be used as hats, storage containers, purse, bag, etc. These beautiful rugs will also be created in Polina’s upcoming studio.

Polina presently works as a designer seller in Kerama Marazzi shops to earn her living. This job has denied her the freedom and time required to set-up an independent felting studio. In order to meet her financial requirements for this project, Polina has just started an Indiegogo campaign. Her total requirement is $7,777, and this amount will be spent on

  • $ 3123 to purchase materials (wool, tissue, soap, bubble wrap, etc.) for 300 rug modules.
  • $ 4654 to cover Polina’s living for half a year (food, utilities, Internet, transport and so on).

To find out more about this campaign, please visit
The official website of Polina Kudelkina is

About Polina Kudelkina: Polina Kudelkina is an artist, designer, and decorator. She wants to open an independent felting studio for the creative people and their beautiful home. She wants to save and spread awareness about the amazing ancient craft of felting.