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A Journey to Milanese classics

Posted on Jun 15, 2014

“A Journey to Milanese classics”
Decorations for the Windows of a Milano Design Boutique Shop

The Idea:
“A visit to Milanese classics at Christmas time”.
Italian classics are the carnival, fashion, food and music. One of the most famous Italian musicians is Verdi. But there are many others, too. The fashion: I can name 15 designers straight off, which means that Milan is one of the most fashionable and trendy capitals of the world and that the Milanese classics include their fashion industry. Good food is a kind of religion for Italians, so it refers to classics, too…
Therefore, Italian classics are FASHION, FOOD, MUSIC.

Associations: flowing, airiness, trickling interiors, silver, elevation, purity, crystal, winter spell, grace, glass, freshness, being well-attended, bohemian character, aesthetics.

Colors: silver and blue.

Elements: cutout cardboard snowflakes, music script, masks, bottles; bigger stars made of newspaper stripes; a papier-mâché mask, music books of the 19th century, wrapped boxes, “super-Italian” shoes and a hat, spaghetti, a bottle of wine, different balls, beads, etc.

This was a educational task for the first semester in the International Design School (International Interior Design Association Member). Me and my group decorated showcases of Milano Design furniture store (italian furniture, but not only italian) for New Year celebrating period. It was nice at all and we had really great and professional result. You should enjoy photos (by Denis Churin and Me).