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What I did these summer

Posted on Sep 6, 2014

photo by Denis Churin
photo by Denis Churin

1. I graduated from the International Design School. It was a great time, full of interesting meetings and discoveries myself. I defended my diploma project for the excellent mark with the approval of the Examination Commission. Therefore I’m very proud. You can enjoy my project here🙂 After the graduation I made a graphical presentation of my project with illustrations in my style, strange for many people by the way (download – 9 Mb). Now I’m trying to place this project at various Russian and foreign “starters” – web sites where you can raise money on the projects by selling any future products or services.

2. I participated in the “The best printing sample for wallpapers or textiles” competition. I’m not in the final list, it is a pity, of course, but also I didn’t take part in such competitions at the last time. Therefore, I decided not to upset. To participate in this contest I specially developed a pattern, and to get the desired texture I felted this pattern and made a high quality photo. So sorry that my work is not have noticed and do not rated sufficiently!

3. I made a 3d visualization of the part of my diploma project – “Big wall” (or “Great Wall”). It was interesting and fun, I sent it on the competition “Creative Diary”, where the winners receive scholarships for training in the design schools of Italy and Spain. However, I can’t study there will at least because they need specific test results on the knowledge of the English and entrance fee, and then, and other… I have nothing to pay. The participation is important for me too.

4. I sent a request to participate in the residence “The MacDowell Colony” to continue the project “The Spectrum of the Meaning of Life”. In addition, publishing house “Lambert Academic Publishing” has published my book “The Art and the Spectator” in which I describe this project and bring the results of work in the residence Spark Box Studio, and results of the reserch “The impact of the art objects on the emotional state of the spectator”, which I held after returning from Canada.

5. Finally, I was looking for a work. It was unexpectedly long and difficult process All companies need necessary 2-3 years’ experience and no one needs originality. Eternal story! I am currently working designer seller in the company Kerama Marazzi. I also ready to engage in interior design projects plus to this work, but until my future friendly client did not appeared on the horizon. I will continue to catch fish, a small one is cute too. 🙂

6. In order to find a job I set up my portfolio, which now scatters around the world. Perhaps this flight will bring result.

That’s almost all I did this summer 🙂