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“The New Life”. An Original Printing Sample for the Wallpapers Or Textiles for Heimtextil Trend Book 2014/15

Posted on Jul 30, 2014


I created this printing sample “by hand”. The work comprised three stages.

Stage One. “Collisions”

The sketches for the projective objects were made in an image editor. My idea was to suggest the impression of a collision and an illusion through the use of smooth, complex and symbolical geometrical patterns. They were also to suggest the feeling of generating a new life.

Stage Two. “The Natural Creation”

I felted the sketches of wool. Felting is an ancient craft being revived today. It is a good method for creating things with inimitable structure and texture from the natural ecological material – the sheep wool. The resulting objects can be positively called natural creations.

Stage Three. “Progress”

I took high definition quality photographs of the works that had been made and then I processed the images in an image editing application and thus I obtained a symmetrical repetitive pattern for printing in two versions (dark and light).

Thus I fused a traditional craft which is being revived with progressive methods of image editing. And as a result, I created a pattern in line with Heimtextil Trend Book 2014/2015. And eventually, I created two visual illustrations of how these patterns can be used (“An Optimistic Study” and “An Asymmetric Bedroom”).