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Several my works in the Kerama Marazzi

Posted on Oct 9, 2014

In late October, my internship period ends, and I will go through a second certification in the company Kerama Marazzi. The service “layout of tiles” is not that boring thing, as it seemed to me at first, but work with so many people is unusual and quite difficult for me (four projects per day). There are a few renderings of projects that I’ve done in the program Domus 3D below . The quality of these visualizations, frankly, purely conceptual, but Domus 3D allows you to work quickly and to do work while customer watch you, which speeds up the work process, although often I am the man who just says “aha” and draws that customer will tell. Frankly, most of the results of my work does not suit me or leave indifferent. Nevertheless, here:

I am more than happy with the layout, which I was asked to do for advertising interior for the shop:

adv interior 2

adv  interior 1

But the marketing department has made adjustments and now I’m confused:

adv interior 3

adv interior 4

What do you think? (

P.S.: All works were done with Domus3D within one and half hour (that’s why the quality of rendering is not as good as I want it to)