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The Interior Design Project “Film, Flat, Web”

Posted on Jul 30, 2014

The customer was MirrorSpace – a company engaged in film production and distribution. They are a team of young, active, but already experienced and competent professionals who make films of all lengths.

The interior design project “Film, Flat, Web” was named so because in the natural world it conceptually resembled the spider web.

The elements of this design project can be mounted in virtually any room with the same simplicity and speed, which are required by a spider to knit its web.

The customer desired to get a creative office for generating new ideas. This demand suggested the image of the “web for trapping” creative ideas and the use of magnets in the interior.

The customer wanted to see an interplay of different arts within the same space, too. This also reminds of the image of the web which is composed of multiple threads and is a work of art in itself (just like the film).

The web can be considered as an open construction compiled of individual cells, thus implying the concept of modularity and referring to constructivism (which as an art style visualizes the constructive elements and the geometry of forms). Besides, the openness of the construction facilitates a better ventilation indoors.

Moreover, the web is created of soft matter and consists of threads reminding those used in fabrics. Therefore the softness of materials and the precision of forms are well balanced in the design project.

This project was thus reviewed by Olga Voul, professor of International Design School and the member of the Union of Designers:

“I like the project! From the point of view of both design and implementation it is created by a master! I appreciate her artistic approach to the plan. The project comprises everything from the presentation to the tiniest details and features a series of original associations!”

The customer feedback was provided by Ekaterina Zakrevskaya, director of the company:

“This is an outstanding project: original and novel. We shall implement it!”

You can see the presentation of this project here.