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Free Interior decorating and design ideas, questions, tips, service

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

Free advise from the designer, decorator, artist

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand how to make your home as beautiful as the picture in an interior magazine or on the pages of the Houzz, especially because we usually want the same picture, but we have a completely different space.

Sometimes it is very difficult to agree with each other about the decor of your home.

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide what kind of materials to use, what color and how all desires can be reconciled with the available budget and other pleasant confines (pets, children, hobbies).

Sometimes you just want an answer to one particular question, because any else ones you have already decided.

Sometimes you just want to know where and how to start.

To solve these and other “sometimes,” I created this web page where you can ask me questions for free. I will answer them as quickly as possible and professionally as a designer, decorator and artist.