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Code of painting – color

Posted on Jul 25, 2013

I had personal exhibition entitled “Code of painting – color” from 17 February to 19 March 2011.  I give a lot of attention to the color in my work, often the color and the combination of different colors is symbolic. I urge the audience to feel a particular emotional state. I used the color intuitively, trying to make the audience empathized with my heroes as you watch the best  fiction films. Many of the paintings in this exhibition were devoted to living people (my friends), many – to the dead and famous people (such as Jim Morrison and Frida Kahlo), and, of course, self-portraits. The exhibition was pretty successful. I had many reviews in the press, a reference in the Video on central TV channel “Culture”, here are the most important ones:

Video on internet TV channel “Piter. TV”:

Article on internet TV channel “Iskusstvo. TV”:

Article in the “Saint-Petersburg Vedomosty” newspaper:

Article in the “Gorod 812” magazine:

This is a photo essay from the opening (Photo by Denis Churin):